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weddings thr0ugh syariah Islam

m0rning peeps!;)
sperti bese sy bl0gwalking~tadaa,t'jmpe 1 artical yg sgt best n b0le jd guided 2 me n all bec0ming sy punye walimatul urus lambat lagiiii..juz nk share jer ngan k0rang ni..;)

Here are some raugh guidelines on how our prophet Rasullah SAW guided us on weddings in Islam..

1) Choose the right partner: 'men can choose women because of their wealth, position, beauty and agama,if utamakan the agama, thus u will profit from it' hadith bukhari and Muslim. 'as for the women, if comes a guy with good iman and akhlak, then marry him' hadith tarmidzi, hadis hasan(baik) menurut al-Albaniy.

2) Akad nikah at a suitable place. Paling afdal is in Masjid (but take note that women in mentruation(inclusive of bride and guests) are not allowed in the praying area, corridor/hall is allowed though). 'pukullah kompang' Hadis (hassan a.k.a good) ahmad and Tarmidzi

3) No such thing as hantaran is yes if u dont hv anough money ITS OK not to have hantaran. If ada rezeki by all means (but don't forget to be humble because we if niat to riya', riya' hukum is syirik. The only thing that is WAJIB in nikah is the MAHAR(mas kahwin) firman Allah SWT in surrah al nisaa ayat no 4.(refer to alquran).the amount of the mas kahwin is determined by both the future bride and grooms family. The less burden the guy gets from collecting the mahar, the more Allah s.w.t will berkat the marriage, (refer to hadith sahih Iman Ahmad) also (hadith muslim, al-hakim, & ibnu Majah :- 'sebaik-baik mas kahwin ialah mas kahwin yang paling mudah dan ringan'

4) Give out Favours during nikah, Rasullulah SAW galakkan us to give out manisan ex:dates(kurma) during the nikah

5) Isytiharkan ur nikah kepada as many poeple as you can, so we dont create any fitnah.

6) As for the walimah, in Islam it says that 'adakanlah majlis walimah walaupun dengan seekor kambing' hadith muslim, clearly here shows that even those who don't have that much money still can afford to get married. & yes, for those with more rezeki, having wedding in hotels, halls, is still allowed in Islam, as long as your niat is not to menunjuk-nunjuk, Para tetamu has both the rich and the poor.'Rasulullah SAW penah b'kate:- the worst of walimah is those who only invited the rich, and forgetting the poor' hadith bukhari and Muslim.
And hindarkan segala adat yang against Islam esp those came from other religion and culture example. 'RasulullahSAW says 'sesiape yang menyerupai adat suatu kaum, maka that org itu akn termasuk dalam kaum itu', hadith Ahmad and Abu Daud.( now this can be a big sin if the adat we are following is amongst the non believer)

7) It's Sunnah for the guests to congratulate the newlywed

8) Malam pertama, solat jemaah together (solat wajib and solat sunat) for Allah SWT will berkat a marriage when it starts the right way.

there have 8 guided yg Islam all0wedkan dlm perkahwinan~f0r me, its very useful because dr sni sy tau mane yg baek utk diikt..u kn0w, sy penah t'pkr nk memecah tradisi family sy~yg mane2 mjlis p'kahwinan xde b'sanding..tapi sy penah berangan nk b'sanding time sy kawen bl sy pkr2 blk then tnye my m0m n dad~b'sanding yg merenjis2 tu mmg x digalakkn~juz 0ur Malayisan terikat ngan adat..4 me, lebih baek tetamu melihat kt b' juz my 0pinion la guys..t'pulangla kpd anda..tepuk dada tanye hati..hehehe;)

this article credit 2 visit her bl0g 0keh~u never regret..;)

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