Thursday, May 12, 2011


hey peeps!
korangg,da j0in HEARTBEAT ke??
moh lerr ramai2 kite join~hehe
act sy da lame tgk kwn2 blogger dok promote HEARTBEAT ni..
tp lum ade kesempatan lg ms tuu nk godek2,nk try gune..
skang ni sy da gune da..:)

antare faedah2nyer adelah:

Refer friends to register : When you refer a friend to join HB!Affiliate as affiliate.
RM2 earned for qualified affiliate.
Self purchase : 20% of total purchase amount. Excluded delivery fee.
eg: If you purchase magic mug at RM40, your earning will be RM8.
Referral purchase : 15% of total purchase amount.
eg: If your referral purchases magic mug at RM40, your earning will be RM6.
Banner / text link clicks : RM0.04 per genuine click.
Only genuine clicks from unique IP address each day are counted.
Feedback : RM5 for constructive feedback to us.
Survey / Polling : RM3 for the participation in our survey or polling.
Testimonial : RM10 for testimonial with photo & at least 300 words on our unique gift giving ideas.
Bonus : Additional bonus will be awarded when total purchase amount of self purchase and referral purchase in a month are as below:-

  • more than RM300
- additional RM20.00
  • more than RM500
- additional RM30.00
  • more than RM700
- additional RM50.00

see,mudah n berbaloi kan???hehe...
okeh..care2 nk gune n pasang HEARTBEAT ni, anda b0le refer kwn sy timah, sbb sy wat pun sy refer die punyer manual jer..hehe..

selamat mencube!

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