Sunday, May 2, 2010

m0m,u never b replaced!

dis pic is my m0m~hehe..neway arini 2 mei adela besday mak sy yg ke 49..;)
rasenye br je crte pasal besday abah sy kan..nk wat cane,besday di0rang mmg dekat..hehe..

yg plg best, sy 0rg 1st yg wish walaupun sy jauh~dekyah da kalah da..msti die td0 smpi xigt 2..haha..;p

Ya ALLAH, it’s my mother’s birthday.

So please, help her to see.
How much she means to me, her beloved daughter.
And please protect my mother, keep her safe from harm
for she is a cherished person with great wisdom, love and charm:))

1 comment:

ara farhanah said...

bertuah mak kak lahirkan akak...


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